Mulberry Trees

observe my reactions, just be, think, react, stay calm. lather, rinse, repeat (?)

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i wanna be spotless. i want to be clean.

i want every crevasse, every pore to be scraped out with a metal spoon. i want the dirt out of my finger nails and i want to be smooth. 

i want to be cored and allow all the muck to drain, and then slowly line my insides with pretty things that glimmer even in the dark. 

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"Make a list of all the tangible things that were in your life when you were with her, that aren’t now. Eg, sex, hugs, someone to talk to about your day, someone to go for walks with, someone to buy things for, someone to go out for dinner with, someone to cook meals with etc. Then find a way to get those things, from a range of different sources/people. So for e.g. make a new habit of phoning one of your friends after dinner for a chat, find a new walking buddy, hook up some casual sex, etc."

Sometimes, when you’re walking along in the fall, and there are leaves swirling all around, you stop and look at just one, and realize that it’s really a marvel - of beauty, of biology, of circumstance. And to think, there you are, surrounded by delightful little marvels! 

People are marvelous, too, and when you stop and look for what is delightful about each of them, you will always find something. This makes meeting people restorative and refreshing - for you and for them.”


how to build authentic self

add some real stuff, sprinkle some soul, fold in interests. 

then keep it real for 40 minutes. 

viola! thy self is primed and real and ready to go!

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